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The Most Notorious Cattle Rustler of Our Time

Delve into the story of Bob, “The Most Notorious Cattle Rustler of Our Time” and the “nicest guy you’d ever wanna meet.” A man who has managed millions of dollars of illegal cash, most of it said to be buried under his north Texas ranch in a fifty-five-gallon drum. Meet the man who survived 19 prison stabbings, poisonous hamburgers, tear gas attacks, and being thrown over a third story railing in jail. A tough hombre for sure. But also, a man generous to a fault, often showering those he knew with gifts and financial help.

Dreams and Schemes

Bob’s journey through life takes him from early thoughts of running herds of cattle, finding a ranch to call his own, and marrying the girl of his dreams to a life of stealing cattle, using other men’s ranches to do it, and screwing around with every woman that crossed his path. But when Bob becomes entangled with the infamous Diamond Jim, he is “Branded” like a steer, stamped with Diamond Jim’s mark for life. He is reluctantly herded into a relentless stream of crimes including, theft of animal medicines, cattle rustling, drug running, fraud, porn, kidnapping, rape, prison escapes, and a plethora of other deeds that put the “common criminal” to shame.
Unable to escape Diamond Jim’s clutches, Bob resorts to his own plan to circumvent the rules, but will Diamond Jim catch up to him?

Branded-The Novel

Branded is based on a true story detailing the larger-than-life events and exciting, colorful, humorous antics of this cowboy. As he is chased by the Texas Rangers, FBI, scorned women, fraught investors and his nemesis Diamond Jim, he is still affixed on those precious thoughts of wide-open spaces, beautiful cowgirls and a herd of cattle as far as the eye could see. He is destined to ride off into your mind as you live vicariously through his charming character and bristling, energetic persona. You decide. Will his final ride be into a last sunset? Or into something much hotter? .

Cattle Ranch

Texas Long Horn